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Welcome to rebelsdemo.net

We are happy to present our latest production :

2nd place 4k at NUMERICA 2009

Stripped ( 4k Intro ) | pouet page 


Code : Stan, Gfx : H2o ,Sound : Chromag



You finally made it to the official rebels homepage !

The REBELS members are old school people who have been with us for years and also some new realy nice have joined in. But one thing is realy sure, you will NEVER EVER see lines in our NFO saying: "If you aren't in this NFO you have been kicked out for not being productive enough". It goes without saying, the REBELS slogan "YOU CAN LOG OFF BUT NEVER LEAVE" is truly a unique phrase...=)

We hope this saga never comes to an end, but that's about it to tell so far about this wonderful story of the REBELS!

With best regards:
Team REBELS / We make all days partydays!


4k 64k demo tool

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Rebels is a non commercial real-time-art project with members all over the world

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